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Basal Fertilisers

Basal fertilisers are fertilisers that are incorporated into the soil prior to planting with the main purpose to increase soil fertility and concentration of mineral elements, providing rather big quantities of any lacking nutrients and is applied during the course of growing to add nutrients.

Top Dressing Fertilisers

Top dressing fertiliser by definition refers to a process by which any material from either natural or synthetic origin is added to the soil to supply nutrients to a plant or crop during the course of growing. The most basic definition of top dressing says it is an application of fertiliser to the surface layer of soil.

Soluble Fertilisers

Water soluble fertilisers are highly soluble water. With water soluble fertilisers it is easy to control the precise amount of nutrients available to your plants (the control is more exact with soilless mixes). This makes them suitable for fertigation and hydroponic systems.

Foliar Fertilisers

Nutrimaster’s foliar fertiliser range.


Nutrimaster also distributes dolomitic lime, calcitic lime and gypsum. Our xpress range of ferilisers are listed here.

Optichem Agro Chemicals

Optichem Agrochemical range coming soon!

Fertiliser Application Chart

We have developed a Chart, to help you on your path to becoming a Growing Pro!

Please feel free to download it and have a look at what fertiliser type and relevant application rates we would recommend for your crop.”

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