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At Nutrimaster, we offer a holistic approach to our farmers’ fertiliser and agrochemical needs. From soil sampling and agronomic support, to tailored fertiliser blending and agrochemical advice based on each farmer’s soil requirements.


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About us

Nutrimaster is a specialist fertiliser manufacturer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Founded on a partnership between Profeeds Pvt Ltd and PHI Commodities, we offer fertiliser solutions and supply specialised chemical products for the agricultural sector.

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Fully Automated

Allows for consistent, high quality finished product. Nutrimaster has an installed capacity of 180 000MTS per annum.

Readily Available

With a storage capacity of 21,000MT of finished product, the Nutrimaster range covers a diverse variety of farming industries.

Skilled Team

Our team of experienced agronomists are at the ready to help you with your required technical information, high quality and consistent solutions.

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Nutrimaster has a wide range of fertilisers and agrochemicals. Whether you’re looking for basal fertilisers, top-dressing, solubles or foliar fertilisers, we have the product and agronomic support you need.

Our Distribution Network

Nutrimaster fertiliser can be found in over 50 Profeeds and Profarmer stores, and other leading retail stores nationwide

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