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Fequently Asked Questions

What is the fertiliser application rate?

Refer to our crop production guidelines for general recommendations. However, the best recommendation is one based on a soil test report. Soil Test Service available at Nutrimaster. Contact us for more information.

Why should l carry out soil analysis and use fertilisers based on a soil test report?
  1. Helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your soil so you can maximise on its strengths and correct weakness for improved productivity
  2. Improves the effectiveness of applied fertilisers, a common example is that of pH. If the pH is too low or too high, the availability of nutrients is affected and as such effectiveness of applied fertilisers is reduced. If pH is corrected, fertiliser works better
Can l use cereal blend in both maize and wheat?
Yes, maize and wheat are both cereals and as such this fertiliser is ideal for both crops.
How does one select a basal fertiliser for a crop?
Some of our basal blends, have the crop as the prefix to the NPKs eg soya blend, implies the fertiliser is for soya same as a tobacco blend implies the blend is for tobacco. However, some fertilisers can be used in more than one crop such as tobacco blends which can work in tobacco and horticulture. Check with your Nutrimaster Agronomist if unsure of the blend you have for the crop to be established.
Can l use a maize fertiliser (most commonly blend D) for other crops such as horticulture and tobacco?
It is not advisable to use a maize fertiliser for tobacco as it contains too much chlorine which affects overall quality of a tobacco leaf and overall profitability of the farming enterprise. The same applies for most horticultural crop which require potash to be delivered from SOP as a source as opposed to MOP.
What should l consider when selecting fertilisers?
A farmer should consider the following when selecting an ideal fertiliser:
  1. The crop
  2. The application rate and cost
  3. Other costs associated such as transport
  4. Method of application

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